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Janet Abena Quainoo: Meet Young Lady Who Worked For Free For 5 Years

Janet Quainoo

After national service, Janet was not given a permanent job as most people hoped for.

Instead of staying home, she woke up every morning and went to work as if she would be paid .

Fast forward to 2020, Janet Abena Quainoo  is now an Assistant Director at Local Government Service, owns an NGO called Save a Street Child Foundation and she is pursuing her master’s degree in Development Communication at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Here is her story as shared with Edward Asare

“It is the dream of every graduate to secure a job at after their National Service at their preferred workplace but does that always happen? Well, let me indulge you on my journey after National Service.

After my National Service at the State Broadcasting House,the (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation), I was hoping to be employed since I am passionate about doing humanitarian stories that cuts across, health and sanitation.

It is my greatest desire that at least every community will have access to potable water, safe shelter, and quality education among others.

The opportunity to be employed at the State Broadcaster did not happen but I did not give up on reporting. I woke up every day and went to work at normal working hours.

There were challenging times and I felt like giving up but every time I thought of giving up, I thought of how some people or communities will suffer because I stopped being a voice for them.

I was not being paid but every time my story got results, I was happy. My ultimate goal is to ensure that I contribute to change in communities. I sent my stories to the Ghana Journalists Association (I am a member) when they opened nominations for awards. I won the (Best Rural Reporter) 0n 23rd November 2019.

I spent about 5 years at the State Broadcasting House, volunteering and it was very challenging but I soldiered on and took pride in the fact that it will pay off. My reason for sharing this? This is to encourage every graduate out there looking for a job opportunity that sometimes it takes volunteering at workplaces in order to achieve your dreams, it will be tiring often, no doubt, but once you have a vision of exactly where you want to go, keep working at it and hope for the best. Do not compare your journey to others. Trust in God, your vision, work hard and I guarantee you that it will succeed.”

Janet also has an NGO by name Save a Street Child Foundation

Save a Street Child Foundation was registered on December 19th, 2016 with the mission to reduce the statistics of streetism.

They have reunited a number of street children with their families and ensured that they got back to school. They have also done Mentorship and skills training for single parents who have no Sustainable Source of Income.

They have a registered branch at Washington State. It is their goal to build a training center to train Street children and single parents who have no Sustainable Source of Income.

Reach Janet on the following platforms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janet-abena-quainoo-56a166151

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact

Web: www.saveastreetchild.org