7-year-old Ghanaian boy’s intervention helps renovate dilapidated primary school for the first time

A 7-year-old boy known as Kweku Karikari has contributed to the renovation of a basic school at Anyaano in the Manhyia North municipality of the Ashanti region with the help of his mother.

The school at Manhyia North which is located in the heart of the Kumasi Metropolitan District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana, had been in a deplorable state for years, despite constant wails of the people of Anyaano for authorities to intervene and improve teaching and learning there.

Before Kweku’s intervention, the basic school had not been renovated since its establishment. Meanwhile, the center was meant to serve students from different communities and the state of the school was so terrible that studies usually got disrupted by wild birds and infestation of rodents.

As Pulse.com.gh reports, the 7-year-old decided he needed to help the school in anyway he could, after he was taken to the school during a trip, as he had always been passionate about learning and exploring.

“He went on a trip to the school and was shocked at how bad the state of the school was and vowed to contribute to giving the school amenities to enhance teaching and learning in the school environs. Seeing the school in bad condition broke his heart,” the report said.

With the help of his mother, Kweku was able to gather funds that were used to bring a new life to structures of the school, for the first time since it was founded. Beautiful pictures showing pupils happy in the fresh-looking classrooms have been shared online.

The 7-year-old boy’s action was undoubtedly something extraordinary that has touched the hearts of thousands of Ghanaians on social media in particular.