A-Ensonga Hearts: Transforming Lives Through Education and Compassion

Founded on the principles of empowerment, integrity, equity, sustainability, compassion, hope, and impact, A-Ensonga Hearts is a charitable organization that focuses on addressing the educational needs of needy children in Ghana. The organization identifies poverty at its root, recognizing education as the key to breaking the cycle.

Comprehensive needs assessments conducted by A-Ensonga Hearts revealed a startling number of students lacking basic educational resources, with many resorting to learning in substandard conditions, including sitting on floors or under trees. In response to this pressing issue, the organization has prioritized furniture projects, constituting 90% of their current initiatives. Additionally, A-Ensonga Hearts addresses the critical need for clean drinking water in schools through its water projects.

Despite being established in 2020, A-Ensonga Hearts has already spearheaded over 16 transformative projects, positively impacting over 4000 pupils across Ghana. One of their flagship initiatives, the “Floor-to-Furniture Project,” provided desks to more than 500 students in various schools, including Goriko Primary School, Fr. Lebel Memorial R/C Primary School, Balungu-Nabiisi D/A K.G Primary School, and Amoyaama Primary School in the Upper East Region.

Beyond providing desks, A-Ensonga Hearts has extended its contributions to include the construction of boreholes in remote villages through the “Potable Water for All Project.” Schools in the Bongo community, such as Ayopia Primary School, Gowrie Primary and JHS, and Kunkua Primary School, all in the Upper East Region, have benefited from this water project, showcasing the organization’s commitment to holistic development.

Presently, A-Ensonga Hearts is actively engaged in the “Floor-to-Desk” project, addressing the remaining furniture gap in seven schools in the Bongo district with urgent needs. Collaborating with partners, the organization aims to provide 700 dual desks, benefiting approximately 1,400 students, including 700 girls. This initiative is a crucial step towards transitioning these students from learning on the floor to a conducive and empowering learning environment.

Despite the demanding nature of juggling a successful career, a flourishing foundation, church commitments, and rigorous academic pursuits, the founder of A-Ensonga Hearts; Kenndicta A-ensonga Ajene remains steadfast in the belief of the “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” principle. With meticulous planning and a commitment to Psalm 21:5, A-Ensonga Hearts continues to make a lasting impact, transforming lives and creating a brighter future for the children of Ghana.