Author Jacob A. Osae Launches DNA: ORIGINS, Unveiling the Mysteries of Life’s Beginnings

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do we stand for? How did we end up on this planet called earth? Is there a supernatural Creator? Does man evolve with each passing century? What does the future hold for us? Who created our universe? Did the universe come out of its own? Is there a beginning of our universe? And will there be the end of our Universe? These are very pertinent queries; I have been asking myself for years. But truth is that, I did not get answers for many of them. So I tried engaging some of my friends about these same questions. And to my utmost surprise, many of them said it is better we do not ask these questions at all. But rather we should continue living our lives and stick to what we have come to believe and accept as good.

The origin of the universe has different views and expositions in the scientific world. Physicist believe in the big bang theory as the origin of the universe, biologist believe in the ever-controversial theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. Also biochemist herald the theory of abiogenesis and cosmologist also are convinced of the ever-intriguing theory of panspermia.  Christianity one of the major believes in the world believes in the creation story as the true origin of the universe to the Almighty God – the supreme intelligence.

But as the porpular adage goes, a people who do not know their origin would not have the right knowledge of where they are heading to. As we continue to live in their earth, we have divergent purposes and callings. We are all different. No two people are the same. And the uniqueness in our identity is based on our acceptance of the fact that, we are all different and have different destinies.

In his second science fiction and fantasy novel titled DNA:ORIGINS, author Jacob A. Osae takes us back to the beginning of time. It’s an origin story in this masterpiece. As humans, many have different schools of thought about the origin of the universe. DNA:ORIGINS is a story about the beginning of time. In DNA:ORIGINS, Jacob A. Osae rubbles our noble conscience on the subject of God as the source of all creation and the subjugation of scientific knowledge in it unbridled attempt to superimpose its ignorance on the creation story. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. As prosaic as that statement seems, it is also a very cumbersome assertion for the savvy mind.

Jacob A. Osae in his new novel dabbles our mind in a fantastic world of genetics and oriental enquiry into the true origin of life here on earth. In DNA:ORIGINS, the life of a biologist and his wife an archeologist are set into utter mayhem and panic when they both receive a debilitating news about an onslaught against their children that had been averted in an arcane way. This situation sets the premise for the novel, as it spins the couple(the man and his wife) on a journey of discovering the cause of their genetic mutation that has endowed them and their children with paranormal abilities. DNA:ORIGINS, is a must read for everyone. And you will never get bored as you turn the pages from start to finish.

DNA:ORIGINS was launched on the 29th of April 2023.  To get copies of the book, connect with the author via the handles below.

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