Edward Asare Receives ‘Verified’ Badge on Twitter

Edward Asare, founder of edwardasare.com has recently been verified on Twitter.

With a verified facebook page of over 16,000 followers, an Instagram page of over 10,900 followers and a significant Linkedin presence with 22.2k followers, it is no surprise that his official Twitter page with about 46,000 followers has finally been verified.

Edward, currently, is a part of UBA Bank as a Digital Marketer. He is a blogger, a social media manager, a digital marketer, a content writer, a graphic designer, a copywriter, a publicist, a PR officer and a digital media consultant. In his work, he helps companies and entities project their value, build their online presence through effective digital media and communication strategies.

He has worked with blogging giant yen.com.gh and other entities like Standard Chartered Bank, Credence Microcredit, Peduase Valley Resort, Ankobra Beach Resort, Step Up Business School, and TV3 Ghana.

He is also a Board Member and Marketing Committee Chair of Educational Communities Worldwide, an initiative to make quality education through training and opportunities available students everywhere.