Empowering Young Women: Reflo Company Ltd’s Inspiring Visit to Christian Methodist Senior High School

Reflo Company Ltd, a leading producer of high-quality sanitary products, recently visited Christian Methodist Senior High School to support education and empowerment. They were inspired by the energy and potential of the young women they met.

“We had the incredible opportunity to visit Christian Methodist Senior High School and were met with an inspiring community of young women! Their energy and potential were truly contagious,” remarked Rebecca Osam, CEO of Reflo Company Ltd. “We believe that empowering young women is crucial for building a brighter future, and we’re committed to supporting them every step of the way.”

The visit was more than just a corporate outreach – it was a meaningful interaction that left a lasting impact on both sides. Reflo Company Ltd was impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and determination, and believes their presence made a positive difference.

The company is committed to nurturing the growth and development of young women, recognising them as future leaders. They aim to support these strong women in achieving their goals and shaping the world around them.

Reflo Company Ltd partners with The Florence Mensah Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting girls’ education and menstrual hygiene. Together, they aim to provide 1000 girls with sanitary pads for a year, ensuring they can stay in school without interruptions due to period poverty.

“This is just the beginning! We can’t wait to see these strong women continue to grow and shape the future. Stay tuned for a new era of empowered leaders!” added Rebecca.

Individuals can make a lasting impact by donating to this cause, standing against period poverty and championing girls’ rights. Every contribution counts towards eliminating barriers to education and empowering girls to pursue their dreams without hindrance.

Donations can be made via the foundation’s website https://theflorencemensahfoundation.org/donate/ or through mobile money transfer 0598871395; Momo name: The Florence Mensah Foundation. Let’s support Reflo Company Ltd and The Florence Mensah Foundation in empowering young women and creating a brighter future for all.