From Despair To Hope: My Experience At Bogoso Prestea Mine

I have been a permanent worker at the Golden Star Resources Bogoso Prestea mine for many years and was affected by the sale by Golden Star Resources (GSR) to Future Global Resources Limited (FGR). This sale was announced to us by press release on July 27, 2020 without any engagement by the managers or executives with the employees. 

Because of the way I and my fellow employees were treated by GSR, I have become disillusioned about how some employers disrespect and take their employees for granted. On one hand, they introduce very beautifully crafted vision, mission and values statements and then on the other, they simply do the opposite. 

The permanent employees of Golden Star Resources (GSR) had expected payment of severance from them prior to the completion of the sale on 30 September 2020, at the end of our employment with the company, but we were instead treated as assets of GSR being offloaded to the new owners. This showed a lack of respect for our human and labour rights, yet GSR states its values are caring, collaboration, fairness, honesty and respect. 

Although we were employed by GSR, the company simply did not care much about us. Despite efforts taken by the permanent employees, GSR failed to honour a pre-arranged commitment with staff and attempts to meet and find a solution were not honoured. This was frustrating and we felt that we had no choice but to go on strike so that our message would be heard.

It took the strength and commitment of the aggrieved employees and diplomacy of the new owners of the mine to reach an agreement concerning our rights as employees and as humans. 

It is still bitter that my colleagues and I gave everything to our former employer and received nothing in return, and that they were able to act without concern for their legal obligations to us as employees and never formally ended our employment with them. 

The beginning of the journey with FGR was marred by the disrespect shown us by GSR but I look to the future with more hope following the respectful approach of the new management to engage employees and work together to find a solution through negotiation and communication. 

Though the new owners, FGR, have shown promise by agreeing to pay our severance package among others. We hope, we will not be abandoned but see it come to fruition.

Penned by a disgruntled employee of FGR