Gaming Industry Urged to Prioritize Sustainability and Compliance

The Ghana Association of Sports Betting Operators (GHASBO) has urged regulators and tax authorities to take action against unlicensed entities operating in the country’s gaming market. According to GHASBO Secretary General, Dr. Kweku Ainuson, these operators are evading taxes and denying the country much-needed revenue.

Speaking at the Betway Regulatory Compliance Workshop, Dr. Ainuson highlighted the use of VPNs and cryptocurrencies by these operators to circumvent regulations. He emphasized the need for effective measures to mitigate fraud and legal risks in the industry.

The workshop, themed “Economic Impact of the Gaming Industry,” brought together industry stakeholders, regulators, and government representatives. The Gaming Commission CEO, Peter Mireku, stressed the importance of sustainability and giving back to communities. The Ministry of Interior’s Chief Director, Solomon Tetteh Mensah, urged stakeholders to work together to improve player experience, combat fraud, and promote responsible gaming.

GHASBO’s call for action aims to protect the industry and ensure that licensed operators contribute to national development. The workshop highlighted the need for collaboration and technological innovation to safeguard the digital gaming environment.