Ghana Fintech Awards Launches Voting Phase for 3rd Annual Gala: Celebrating Excellence in Digital Finance

The highly awaited Ghana Fintech Awards, a collaborative venture by the Ghana FinTech and Payments Association, KPMG, and Arkel Limited, has officially initiated its voting stage for the third consecutive year. Starting on January 15, 2024, the voting period will extend until February 18, 2024.

This prestigious event seeks to acknowledge and honor exceptional financial technology companies, commercial banks, and affiliated financial institutions that have distinguished themselves by providing secure, rapid, compliant, and dependable digital financial solutions for all stakeholders in the financial sector, including government, businesses, and individuals.

At the core of its mission, the Ghana Fintech Awards plays a crucial role in promoting the competitive advantage of Ghana’s FinTech sector and contributing to the establishment of a robust FinTech space. This initiative aligns with the broader vision of fostering digital economic growth and advancing financial inclusion in the nation.

Addressing the media on the process, Mrs. Cristina Swan-Awagah, Project Coordinator of the Awards, emphasized that, “this year’s event has garnered numerous interests from the wider financial technology and digital payments fraternity, commercial banks, telecommunication companies, and other technology-infused businesses that seek to enhance financial sector delivery.”

She further stated, “we are particularly bewildered by the support from the ecosystem and industry players, and for that basis, we cannot wait to host patrons of the sector at this year’s event which comes off at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at 5 pm prompt.”

As the Ghana Fintech Awards continues to evolve, this year’s event showcases an expanded scope, acknowledging a greater number of differentiated fintech companies and embracing emerging technologies that are shaping the industry’s landscape.

To cast your vote and participate in this exciting celebration of financial sector excellence, simply dial *711*80# on all networks, input your chosen company/individual’s code, and follow the prompt. For additional details, including individual or company codes and award categories, visit our official website at

For sponsorship opportunities and attendance at this esteemed event, please contact Cristina at +233 (0) 59 838 5685 or via email at Join us in recognizing the trailblazers of Ghana’s FinTech, banking, payments, and allied industries as we mark another milestone in the journey towards a resilient and thriving digital financial landscape.