Ghanaian Actor Danso Sakyi, aka ‘Chiiief’ from YOLO Series, Takes on New Role as Research Communications Lead at Imperial College London

Ghanaian actor Danso Sakyi, widely recognized as ‘Chiiief’ or King George from the popular YOLO series, has announced his exciting venture into the world of research and communications. Sakyi is set to take on the role of Research Communications Lead at the Neonatal Medicine Research Group at Imperial College London.

This career shift was revealed by Sakyi himself in a recent LinkedIn post where he expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter in his professional life. The YOLO actor shared his joy, stating, “I am super excited to start a new role as the Research Communications Lead of the dynamic Neonatal Medicine Research Group at Imperial College London.”

Sakyi’s academic achievements have also been a cause for celebration. The actor, who was previously the head of media production at Pave Network, recently graduated with distinction from the Business School for Creative Industries at the University for the Creative Arts. He earned a Master’s degree in Global Media Management, securing his place as a Chevening Awards scholar.

The news of Danso Sakyi’s transition from the entertainment industry to the academic realm has sparked interest and applause from fans and colleagues alike. It showcases his dedication not only to his craft in the world of media production but also to the pursuit of knowledge and research.

His role as the Research Communications Lead at Imperial College London is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the Neonatal Medicine Research Group. Sakyi’s unique background in the creative industries and media management, combined with his newfound academic expertise, positions him as a valuable asset in bridging the gap between research and effective communication.

As he embarks on this exciting journey, Danso Sakyi reflects on his academic success, expressing gratitude for the opportunities afforded to him. The actor’s ability to seamlessly transition from the world of showbiz to the academic arena demonstrates the versatility and depth of his talents.