Ghanaian, Akosua Boadi-Agyeman appointed Senior Marketing Manger at Microsoft after rejection by 200 companies

A Ghanaian who works at Microsoft, Akosua Boadi-Agyeman narrated on social media how she got to work there after several rejections by employers.
Akosua who is now a Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, said before she got into Microsoft, she applied to over 200 companies but none of them offered her a job.
A brilliant Ghanaian lady, Akosoua Boadi-Agyeman, now works at Microsoft after getting rejected by numerous companies According to her, she had applied to more than 200 companies, but none of them was able to take a chance on her
In a post on her Twitter handle, Akosua added that she knew that her talent and abilities were great, but nobody was willing to give her a chance.
After several rejections and sometimes no responses from employers, Akosua decided to take her job hunt to LinkedIn, where she made a post that went viral and even got the attention of the CEO of the platform, Ryan Roslansky.
She later met Ryan Roslansky.
A recruiter from Microsoft got interested in Akosua, although the company was not hiring at the time, and kept her on file unit a vacancy opened.
She was later employed by Microsoft and has now risen through the ranks to become a Senior Experiential Marketing Manager for Global Events at the renowned Tech company.