Herbert Obeng: The Ghanaian Fashion Designer Taking the World by Storm with Herbin’s Fashion

Fashion is fast becoming a very lucrative business in the world now. Gone are the days when fashion designers were hardly counted among the rich and famous in societies. Not anymore.

Although as a Ghanaian, to become an established fashion designer with huge clients and subsequently the millions is hard beyond the borders of the world. Yet a fashion designer by the name of Herbert Obeng has done that.

Herbert Katakyie Obeng known as Herbin’s fashion is a male Ghanaian US-based fashion designer from Obuasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Herbert Obeng believes “whatever you set your mind to in life, you can do.” With this mindset, the junior communication major at the University of Maryland started his own fashion brand called Herbin’s Fashion.

Herbert’s interest in fashion began when he was young and went on throughout his childhood. He admits his style is simplistic but innovative, and he also revealed that he loves to play around with colors and mix prints.
In our interview with Herbert Obeng, CEO of Herbin’s fashion “I am a lover of African culture and I love wearing African prints. So I decided to start my own brand in November 2020 during Covid”.

“The goal was to promote the heritage and style of continent/culture as a side hustle for me while I’m in school.”
He added that” I have dedicated my time, and energy and have invested a lot of time into fine-tuning my craft. What you see today is a testament of hard work and dedication.”

Herbin’s Fashion is closely linked with Flute Charity Foundation. A portion of its proceeds go to the organization to raise money to help people in need, such as people experiencing homelessness.

“Giving back to society is something I love to do,” he said. “Being the reason why someone wakes up in the morning to have a smile on their face makes me so happy.”

Herbert’s talent has earned him global fame and recognition with top clients. His works have delivered value and satisfaction to reputable personalities in US and Ghana.

Herbert Obeng’s fashion brand doesn’t just focus on athleisure. Herbin’s Fashion is a clothing brand that makes all varieties of clothing including shirts, pants, Bomber jackets, dress jackets, hoodies, shorts, kaftans, ladies dresses and more. It’s also an international business that ships to the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Ghana through its online store and Instagram page.

Herbin’s Fashion is a name associated with quality and attention to detail. This, combined with the items’ polished yet easygoing look, makes them extremely appealing. Their most recent collection is inspired by creativity and new ideas. Their goal is to let the world enjoy the colorful heritage and culture of Africa.

Herbin’s Fashion is now one of the most trusted brands in the United States especially in the DMV area. Universities in the United States loves to work with them for their fashion shows because of how quality their clothing is. Herbin’s fashion has been involved in over 20 fashion shows since its existence.

Herbert’s brand has been featured in so many newspapers. His own school that he currently attends, wrote an article about his line to show appreciation for the good work he is doing and also use it as an inspiration to other students.

Although Obeng is a full-time student and works a part-time job to support his family, he has a drive to make his business succeed and makes time for his business, he said.

“There will be setbacks but it doesn’t have to bring you down, it has to make you improve where you want to get to in life,” Obeng said.

In the future, Obeng hopes to expand his business to be sold in stores and have his own stores to sell his clothes.

Herbert Katakyie Obeng popularly known as Herbin’s fashion is a US-based Ghanaian student studying communications studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. He had his primary education here in Ghana at St. Augustine’s School, Obuasi then continued with his secondary education at OWASS in the Ashanti region. It was in 2018 that he moved to the US to further his studies.

Obeng hails from Obuasi in the Ashanti region. It was after he moved to the US that he started his clothing line with his business partner Philip Kwodjo Nyameasem.

Herbert is currently 23 years of age and will say he is the youngest Fashion designer I have seen so far putting Ghana’s culture on the globe.