“I want to open doors for children and their families”-Elaine C Walker

Elaine C Walker is the founder of Everything Education, MD of The GMA Group, an Impact Investor, Founder of Sister Circle Network and Co-Founder of Elite Mums African Network.
She is also a Forbes featured, award winning educational strategist and also mentors female founders.
She is a mother of two award winning children who were endorsed by MENSA when they appeared on Channel 4 series Child Genius in 2015. Her experience in raising children and securing scholarships for them in top boarding schools has led many parents reaching out to her. She mainly works with people from Africa, UK and North America.
Edwardasare.com (EAC) interviewed her and she had this to say.
EAC: Why is your focus on education?
Elaine C Walker (ECW): Education is something that has always been very important to me especially coming from an African family. For me Education was the key to moving up in society.
When I got divorced in 2007, I realised that I didn’t want to be a statistic of a Black Single Mother raising two boys that says that I should be living in a council flat and they should be in gangs with no education. I wanted them to have the best. One of the reasons I set up the educational consultancy.
My children went on to become two of the top 20 brightest children in the UK. Endorsed by Mensa, between them they play seven instruments at distinction level. They have won several scholarships and been nominated for awards. Education can do so much open so many doors. That is what I want to do for children, families and youth. Open doors for them.
EAC: What has been your greatest achievements in pursuing this course?
ECW: My greatest achievements so far are being one of 70 women to watch in education. Helping over 100 children to get into the best schools in the UK, USA and Canada. Being featured in Forbes, Tatler, The Times, BBC, and various Podcasts globally. Putting education events together in the UK.
EAC: How long have you been doing it?
ECW: I have been doing this now for well over 17 years.
EAC: What challenges have you faced since you started this journey?
ECW: Many Challenges, understanding different markets, having a team that understands your cause and also dealing with family’s expectations. It is not been easy. But I thank God that I am making an IMPACT.
EAC: What is your end goal?
ECW: My end goal is IMPACT and raising African leaders for the next generation. I want to help African Start Ups. I am launching a foundation for school fees. Also a project for Female Founders.

Elaine Cunningham-Walker