Joyce Ametor Kporvie Honored at Global Women in Business and Leadership Awards for Empowering Young Agripreneurs

Joyce has been honored at the Global Women in Business and Leadership Awards by the Global Centre for Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT), and she deserves all the kudos. Her work as a researcher, farmer, and project management professional has left a remarkable impact, nurturing innovation and growth for young entrepreneurs on local, national, and global scales.

Joyce works as a researcher at a development bank in Ghana, and she strongly believes in the potential of young people to shape our world’s future. She dedicates her time to innovation and creating opportunities for both herself and upcoming generations. In addition to her work as a researcher, Joyce is the founder of Inicio BD Company Limited and PM360 Consult, and she is driving progress within the agricultural sector.

Sustainability is at the heart of Joyce’s work, as she empowers individuals and communities. Her company, Inicio BD Company, specializes in farming and value addition, while PM360 Consult provides support and management for agribusiness ventures. Joyce is also a member of the ideation team for the Kosmos Innovation Centre’s Agritech Challenge Pro, where she assists young agripreneurs.

Under Joyce’s guidance, PM360 Consult is launching a pilot social intervention program called School Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Enterprise (SEAE) this May. The initiative aims to create School Agribusiness Enterprise Clubs in high schools, igniting students’ passion for agribusiness and offering them hands-on experiences in the sector. This is an exciting update that showcases Joyce’s commitment to creating opportunities for the next generation of agripreneurs.

Let us celebrate Joyce’s remarkable achievements and her positive impact on the future generation of agripreneurs!