Keren Lamptey: Ghanaian Female Student Emerges Overall Best Student, receiving most awards in The Gambia Law School

Ghanaian Female Student Emerges Overall Best Student, receiving most awards in The Gambia Law School

In a groundbreaking achievement at the 12thcall of the Gambia Law school, Keren Naa Ayikaakor Lamptey, a distinguished Ghanaian student from the GIMPA Law School, has etched her name in the annals of The Gambia Law School history as she emerges as the Overall Best Law Student as well as accumulating other 3 distinguished awards.

Keren’s exceptional academic prowess was further underscored by her sweeping success in multiple categories, earning her accolades as the Best Female Student, Best Student in Criminal Procedure, and Best Student in English and Legislative Drafting.

In a heartfelt valedictory speech to dignitaries and the congregation of graduands, Keren took a moment to reflect on her transformative journey, sharing insights into the challenges she conquered and emphasizing the profound significance of this recognition for both herself and her family. “There is a popular adage in our African culture, that it takes a whole village to raise a child into prominence. I will definitely not be here without my family. To say thank you is even an understatement. Words might not be enough to show how appreciative I am.”

Having transitioned from a different field for her first degree, Keren expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of her friends and colleagues as well on this challenging legal career path. She shared words of encouragement with current students, urging them to persevere, be consistent, form study groups, and seek help when needed.

“I have had a fair share of disappointments along the path, but as you can testify, that is never the end of the road. Failure can be a lesson that catalyzes your growth and progress. Gird up your loins, do not give up. Focus on your goals and with the help of God, your moment of laughter will surely come,” she emphasized.

Acknowledging the support from the faculty and fellow students at The Gambia Law School, Keren underscored the pivotal role of collaboration and shared learning experiences in the collective success of the student body.

Concluding her speech, Keren called on the management of The Gambia Law School to consider easing regulations for international students, advocating for the chance to practice law in the country where they are called to the bar. Like Oliver Twist, Keren said, “In as much as we appreciate the opportunity offered us to study here, the package would be complete if we were permitted to practice in the land in which we are called.”

Keren’s remarkable achievement not only fills her home country, Ghana, with pride but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring female legal professionals across the African continent. Her journey exemplifies the triumph of perseverance and dedication in the pursuit of excellence.