McBerry®’s Launches Tiger Nut Biscuits – Sustainable Utilization of Ghana’s Local Resources

In a bold move to promote local produce consumption to drive national growth, McBerry®, a visionary brand under Twellium Industrial Company Limited known for the manufacturing of Biscuits and Confectioneries, introduces its latest biscuit innovation – ‘Tigernut Biscuits’. This delectable new addition aims to promote on a global scale, the commercial utilization of Ghana’s local produce, ‘Tiger Nut’, showcasing to the world its rich local food as a way of promoting the Ghanaian heritage.

The new Tiger McBerry® family boast a blend of wholesome ingredients, including Wheat Flour, Tiger Nut Powder, Vegetable Oil, and Milk Powder. But McBerry®’s introduction of Tiger Nut Biscuits goes beyond simply satisfying taste buds – it represents a bold step towards supporting domestic agriculture and fostering economic empowerment within local communities. By incorporating Tiger Nut, a nutritious and indigenous crop, into its product line-up, McBerry® aims to catalyze the production of Tiger Nut within the country. This strategic move not only reduces reliance on imported ingredients but also creates a lucrative market for local farmers, driving increased agricultural productivity and contributing to national growth.

Furthermore, McBerry®’s expansion into Tiger Nut Biscuits has led to the creation of new job opportunities for the Ghanaian youth. As the demand for locally sourced ingredients grows, so does the need for skilled individuals to support production, distribution, and marketing efforts. By capitalizing on the momentum of promoting made-in-Ghana products, McBerry® is paving the way for a brighter future for young professionals in the country, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the economy and society at large.

Through initiatives like the introduction of Tiger Nut Biscuits, McBerry® continues to exemplify its role as a motivation for positive change and innovation within the Ghanaian food industry. By championing local agriculture, supporting job creation, and delivering delicious, high-quality products to consumers, McBerry® is not just a brand but a force for progress and prosperity.

The next time you reach for a pack of McBerry® Tigernut Biscuits, know that you’re not just indulging in a tasty treat – you are supporting a movement towards a more sustainable, vibrant, and prosperous future for Ghana and its people.

McBerry® – Baked With Love!