Promoting Gender Inclusivity: Rebecca Osam Advocates for Empowering Women-owned SMEs in Ghana

In an address at UBA Ghana Ltd’s Business series held on March 19, 2024, Rebecca Osam, Founder and CEO of Reflo Company Ltd emphasized the importance of promoting gender inclusivity and empowering women-owned Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana.

The event, which drew a diverse audience of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders, saw Osam delve deep into the challenges faced by women in business and the strategies they can employ to overcome them. Drawing from her personal experiences and observations, she shed light on crucial aspects of managing businesses, team selection, and the significance of pursuing passion and excellence in entrepreneurial endeavors.

“Women in Ghana face unique challenges in the business landscape, but with determination, resilience, and the right support, they can overcome these hurdles and thrive,” said Osam during her presentation. She stressed the importance of creating an enabling environment that fosters gender inclusivity and provides women-owned SMEs with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed.

Osam’s insights resonated strongly with the audience, sparking engaging discussions and reflections on the role of gender diversity and inclusivity in driving economic growth and innovation. Her emphasis on team selection and the importance of nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce struck a chord with many attendees, highlighting the tangible benefits of leveraging diverse perspectives and talents in business settings.

The event was expertly moderated by Henry Nii Dottey, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at UBA Ghana Ltd. Dottey facilitated a dynamic and interactive session, encouraging participants to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights on promoting gender inclusivity and empowering women entrepreneurs in Ghana.

In his closing remarks, Dottey commended Osam for her enlightening presentation and reiterated UBA Ghana Ltd’s commitment to supporting women-owned SMEs and fostering a culture of gender inclusivity within the organization and the broader business community.