Reflo Company and Florence Mensah Foundation Empower Underprivileged Girls with Sanitary Pad Donation

Reflo Company Limited and the Florence Mensah Foundation (TFMF) continue to show their strong commitment to making the world a better place. In their latest effort, they donated sanitary pads to Asubio Methodist Primary School, bringing hope to underprivileged girls.

The event had important guests like Ms. Florence Mensah, the founder of TFMF, Ms. Rebecca Osam, the Managing Director of Reflo Company Limited, and others. It wasn’t just a donation; it was also a learning experience. Headmistress Agnes Mensah appreciated the collaboration.

During the interactive session, students learned how to use and dispose of sanitary pads properly. The importance of hand hygiene related to their use was emphasized.

A significant moment occurred as Reflo Company Limited and the Florence Mensah Foundation awarded scholarships to three deserving girls from Asubio Methodist Primary: Priscilla Dorkenu, Hannah Opare, and Monica Sogbo. These bright girls will continue their education at Genius International School, marking a new chapter filled with promise and opportunity.

This effort shows the powerful impact of working together and being generous. It stands as a symbol of how united efforts can create positive, lasting change in communities. Reflo and TFMF’s dedication to improving the lives of these young girls reflects their generous spirit and sets an example for others to follow.

Through their unwavering dedication, Reflo and TFMF once again demonstrate the true meaning of kindness, highlighting the incredible potential that arises when people join together to create a brighter future for those in need.