Reflo Company Ltd CEO, Rebecca Osam Inspires Young Women at University of Ghana’s Menstrual Hygiene Day Event

On May 28th, Rebecca Osam, CEO of Reflo’s Company Ltd, addressed a gathering of young women at the University of Ghana’s Menstrual Hygiene Day event, organized by the Women’s Commission Office.

In her motivational speech, Rebecca urged the students to cultivate resilience and determination in the face of challenges. “Keep your goals in mind and work towards them. Don’t just focus on today, think about tomorrow too,” she encouraged.

The event aimed to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and empower women and girls to prioritize their health and well-being. Rebecca’s participation underscored her commitment to supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Expressing her gratitude to the organizers, Osam said, “Thanks to the organisers for having me. It was great to be part of this important event.” She also emphasized the need for collective support, stating, “Let’s keep supporting each other to create a brighter future for all women and girls!”

Osam’s inspiring words resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impact on the young women in attendance.