Selina Buabeng Shares 10 Things That Ruin A First Impression In An Interview

In another post on her YouTube channel, professional recruiter Selina Buabeng shares a list of things that ruin a first impression during an interview. These are things that set the tone for further interactions with the recruiter and should not be left to happenstance. They also go a long way to determine whether you get the job or not. In the following paragraphs, we share highlights from the 10 tips discussed in the video.


Regardless of the type of position you are seeking. try to be conservative in your choice of clothing. Be polished and don’t use heavy perfume or tons of makeup. This is important because the first judgement an interviewer will make is based on how you look and what you are wearing.


Leave your house in enough time so that you don’t have to run to your meeting feeling dishevelled and unfocused.


Looking tired may come across as lazy, unfriendliness may come across as proud, rude, arrogant and excessively nervous will come across as incompetent and timid.


Hold your body in a comfortable upright position when sitting and standing, so you do not send out wrong signals to your interviewer or recruiter


Avoiding it simply indicates your insincerity so don’t be afraid to lock eyes with your interviewer or the person asking the question from time to time instead of constantly looking around, especially when you meet them for the first time.


You can gesticulate when necessary but if you decide to put your hands on the table, don’t squeeze them hands too tight, never keep them in your pockets because this gives the impression that you’re hiding something.


Cracking your knuckles or taping your feet or fidgeting in your seat gives the interviewer a wrong impression about you, so simply avoid it


Candidates unconsciously tend to play or fidget with objects and their hair when they are tensed, shy or under pressure. These actions sends out bad signals, it usually tells the recruiter you not confident and you are nervous


Most of us are addicted to our phones, note that just checking the time on your phone will come across as extremely impolite and indicate you are bored or the interviewer is boring you


Speech and vocal change affect the way people perceive you. Candidates usually adjust the sound of thier voice without knowing what they are actually doing. Volume, clarity speed and tone all suggest different things about your confidence and comfort.

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