Small victories matter: Young lady celebrates God for moving from house help to cleaner

A young lady has spread inspiration on her handle @shamiamuts as she excitedly narrated how she achieved a dream of moving from a house help to a cleaner, although that is a feat many people would not ordinarily consider to be amazing.

According to her, she was a housemaid in Saudi Arabia where the conditions were not as favourable for her as she would love them and now she has been able to relocate to Qatar for the other job by the grace of God.

@shamiamut’s story is a reminder that every step up the ladder of success needs to be recognized and appreciated since it is necessary to record small wins that will eventually accumulate into big ones.

In her video that ended up going viral, the lady showed pictures that portrayed how life was back when she was working as a house help and her excitement after being able to make the long-sought transition.

Her post inspired social media users so much that a lot of users rushed into the comment section to encourage her or simply relate to her words.

onyanchadennison#254 commented:

Keep strong we have to fix this life whatever the situation mungu akiwa upande wetu.”

Vascoally also said:

Your so inspiring to many other gals out there who had allready lost hope in their contracts.”

Bulis Mark also added:

It doesn’t matter sis whether kadama or boss we are all humans at the end . keep up the good work God bless you.”

In the end the dignity of labour is a philosophy that no occupation is considered superior, and no jobs should be discriminated against on any basis.

Watch the video below