TAF College Celebrates Milestone Graduation Ceremony: Transforming Dreams, Empowering Lives

Last week, TAF College celebrated a big achievement at its first Graduation Ceremony. The theme was all about making dreams come true and helping people succeed. The event was special with important guests like Charles Abani from the UN and Ambassador Johanna Odonkor Svanikier.

Rev. Johnnie Oquaye, the President and Founder of TAF College, shared his feelings during the event. He talked about the college’s journey and how they are committed to helping students become smart thinkers for the modern world.

Rev. Johnnie Oquaye also said that TAF College wants to teach students skills that will help them do well in jobs like real estate, music, and technology. The college wants to get students ready for a fast-changing world.

In just one year, TAF College has given free education to 100 creative people from different parts of Africa. This happened because of the support from people who wanted to help others succeed.

Working together with groups like HACSA, TAF College is making sure that women have good opportunities in technology. They want to make a positive difference in the community.

With Rev. Johnnie Oquaye leading the way, TAF College is like a lighthouse for creative people, helping them be ready for the future. The college is not just teaching lessons but also making dreams come true and giving power to people’s lives.