The Bright Future Alliance: A Youth-Driven Force Against Corruption and for Good Governance

In the relentless pursuit of a brighter future for communities and nations, The Bright Future Alliance (TBFA) emerges as a dynamic and youth-driven organization committed to combating economic crime, corruption, and advocating for good governance. With a team of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, TBFA firmly believes in the transformative power of the youth in shaping a positive trajectory for the world.

Mission and Vision

The Bright Future Alliance is on a mission to fight against economic crime, promote environmental sustainability, and empower young people worldwide, with a special focus on Africa. Their vision encompasses the building of a transparent and accountable society where the youth actively lead, participate, and introduce concepts aimed at combating corruption, ensuring a sustainable environment, and fostering development through good governance for current and future generations.

Concept Behind the Name

The name “The Bright Future Alliance” derives its essence from the shared aspiration for a luminous future. Emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration, symbolized by the term ‘Alliance,’ the organization envisions a prosperous future as a result of coordinated global efforts, dedicating itself to fostering positive change on a grand scale.

Founder’s Decade-Long Advocacy

The founder Bright Ofori, who has been a youth advocate for a decade, brings a wealth of experience to TBFA. Engaging with esteemed organizations such as the United Nations, African Union, European Parliament, and many others, the founder’s active involvement in combating corruption and promoting environmental sustainability laid the groundwork for the establishment of The Bright Future Alliance.

Notable Engagements in 2023

In 2023, The Bright Future Alliance actively contributed to global efforts against corruption and environmental degradation:

  1. UNODC African Regional Dialogue: TBFA played a significant role in drafting youth-focused recommendations during the UNODC African Regional Dialogue, leading to the adoption of a roadmap at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session.
  2. UN Regional Headquarters in Kenya: The founder, as the sole youth speaker, advocated for empowering non-state actors to contribute to the implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption at the UN Regional Headquarters in Kenya.
  3. European Youth Event: Serving as a facilitator, TBFA engaged over 100 European youths in “Educate. Engage. Empower Youth against Corruption” at the European Parliament, using Forum Theatre to instill values of integrity and ethics.
  4. Youth Against Corruption Module for Ghana: TBFA contributed to the design of the Youth Against Corruption module for Ghana’s Office of the Special Prosecutor, aiming to instill anti-corruption principles in the youth.
  5. 29th Lisbon Forum: The founder shared insights at the 29th Lisbon Forum, highlighting the link between corruption and the environment, particularly through illegal mining, and suggesting ways European governments and organizations can strengthen their laws.
  6. Social Media Advocacy: Utilizing social media, TBFA initiated discussions on national issues, leading to tangible change, such as exposing passport office extortion, prompting swift action by Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Building a Brighter Future Together

With a rich history of active engagement and impactful efforts, The Bright Future Alliance is poised to champion positive causes and make a lasting impact on the global stage. As they continue to collaborate, advocate, and innovate, TBFA stands as a beacon of hope for a future built on transparency, accountability, and the active participation of the youth in shaping a better world.