In the mid to late 1990’s Dzigbordi was mainly seen in the world of financial Services. A corporate woman in banking, working on stock exchange transactions, brokering deals, coordinating privatizations then she took a leap to start a side hustle that became a full-blown wellness and beauty brand.

For over two and a half decades when you hear the name, Dzigbordi it has been synonymous with grace, elegance, and transformation.  Most importantly an evolution. Dzigbordi navigated the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship, pioneering the first Day Spa in Ghana and transforming it into a globally recognized brand, Allure Africa. She maintained he career as a consultant and immersed herself into coaching and training. Her passion for speaking has led her to grace the global stage, working tirelessly with organizations across North America and Africa, captivating audiences as a keynote speaker, and even hosting her own talk show that reached 46 countries in West Africa. But her journey hasn’t been without its fair share of tragedy and challenges.

Following these tragedies, Dzigbordi’s reinvented herself, and started the DzigbordiConsulting Group, drawing from her vast reservoir of expertise and experiences to shape conversations and make an indelible impact. Today, she stands as a hugeauthority in Coaching, Facilitation, Speaking, and Consulting, working closely with Blue Chip Companies, SMEs, and Young Entrepreneurs. Her focus now extends to business strategy and human (soft) skills development, forging a path to success for those willing to follow.

In an era of dynamic transformations, Dzigbordi and her new team are delighted to share a momentous announcement. The renowned Dzigbordi Consulting Group has embarked on a journey of evolution, redefining its brand identity to better encapsulate its progressive vision. After more than a decade of dedicated consulting, coaching, training, facilitation, and more than 25 years of impactful speaking, they proudly introduce their revitalized identity as Development. Competencies. Growth – DCG Consulting Group. The rebranding is more than just a name change; it is a testament to their commitment to continuous growth and innovation.

This change is a strategic choice to better align with the company’s vision and its recognition of the importance of simplicity and connectivity. 

While the name may have evolved, the core values and dedication that have been the hallmark of DCG Consulting Group remain steadfast. The new brand identity, Development. Competencies. Growth, or simply DCG, encapsulates their mission to develop people, build competencies and promote growth.

With an array of tools, frameworks, and results-driven approaches, DCG remains a trusted source for businesses and individuals seeking the next level of excellence and professionalism.

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DCG Consulting Group has taken steps to ensure seamless access to their insights and resources. Strengthening their presence across major social media platforms, individuals can continue to engage with DCG on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok, all under the handle @thedcggroup. Their website,, serves as a comprehensive resource center, offering a wealth of information about the various solutions they offer.

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo expressed the importance of this connectivity: “We invite you to follow, like, share, and engage with our content, enabling us to better understand your preferences and needs. Your engagement will drive us to tailor our offerings to your expectations.”

If you have inquiries, feedback, or recommendations, DCG encourages you to reach out to them at Additionally, you can establish contact via phone on0531005613 or 0505865131.