The Inaugural SANIA Awards & Gala will hold September 2024 in the United States

Sankofa African Network Impact Awards (SANIA) will hold its inaugural annual awards ceremony this year, on September 21, between 6pm & 11pm at the Divine Word Events Center, Woodbridge, Virginia, U.S.

The event is aimed at recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals/groups within the Afro-Ghanaian community. The organiser’s vision is to unite all Africans in celebration of great acts of service and build a greater sense of unity and connection within the Afro-Ghanaian community. 

The host of the awards ceremony, Sankofa African Network (SAN), is a Virginia-based nonprofit officially founded in 2020. It has provided services to the DC Metro community in many ways since 2009. The nonprofit primarily serves the growing African diaspora and Afro-Caribbean immigrants.

“We are hosting the event to honour our heritage, embrace our diversity, and applaud our outstanding achievers. We are hoping this awards ceremony will be a testament to the richness of our culture and the strength of our people,” said SAN to Founder Oral Ofori in a conversation.

SANIA awards red carpet will begin at 6pm (Eastern Standard Time), and the event will proceed until 8pm. The event will feature live performances from well-known entertainers and a mini-fashion show.

Businesses can also advertise their products or services during the awards event with a brochure advertisement. All proceeds will benefit the launch of the first multi-cultural FM station in the DC area. 

“We want to encourage our people to embrace our roots, celebrate our culture, and honor our achievements. The Afro-Ghanaian and Afro-Caribbean communities will shine bright at this awards ceremony,” said SAN. 

SAN provides immigration, legal services, social integration services, legal resident assistance information, youth tutoring and counseling services, and broadcast media services for these underserved populations in the Washington DC area.

The organisation couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic staff in more than ten languages that span the African continent including Twi, Fanti, French, Haitian Creole, Spanish and more.

“Driven by our desire to serve vulnerable refugees and immigrants, we act in collaboration with community partners, individuals, faith-based groups, and advocates to amplify our impact to ensure the equity of all voices and sustain our mission,” said SAN to in a statement. 

Tickets for the awards ceremony can be purchased through this LINK.