Top 10 most powerful countries in Africa 2023

Global Soft Power Index, a data insight organization has released a list of the most powerful countries in the world.
Before the list was produced, a survey with over 100,000 respondents in more than 102 markets was conducted. The list contains a total of 121 countries and determined based on 11 matrices.
According to the organization, “the Global Soft Power Index incorporates a broad range of measures, which in combination provide a balanced and holistic assessment of nations’ presence, reputation, and impact on the world stage. These include:
Familiarity: national brands that people know, and have mental availability of, have greater soft power.
Reputation: is this country deemed to have a strong and positive reputation globally?
Influence: the degree to which a nation is seen to have influence in the respondent’s country as well as on the world stage Performance on the core 8 Soft Power Pillars (Business & Trade, Governance, International Relations, Culture & Heritage, Media & Communication, Education & Science, People & Values, Sustainable Future).”
Below is the list of the most powerful African countries in the world:

RankCountryScoreGlobal rankPoints dropped/gained since 2022
2.South Africa42.540th-6
9.Ivory Coast35.987th+9