W. Akenten Agro and Trading Limited Celebrates World Food Safety Day with Community Engagement

In commemoration of World Food Safety Day, W. Akenten Agro and Trading Limited, an agricultural company based in Asante Akyem Agogo, and known for its production of maize and tomatoes, organized a comprehensive community engagement event aimed at raising awareness about food safety. The engagement focused on students from the community’s basic school, teachers, food vendors, farmers, and consumers to discuss the importance of food safety and the need for ongoing advocacy.

Students learned about the basic principles of food hygiene and the importance of proper hygiene. Teachers were encouraged to incorporate food safety into their curriculum, while food vendors were educated on best practices for ensuring the safety of their products. Additionally, Farmers were urged to use safe agricultural practices, and consumers were taught how to make informed choices about the food they purchase.

The founder of W. Akenten, Worship Joshua Frimpong, the aftermath of the engagements highlighted the company’s dedication to upholding high standards of food safety in their operations. “At W. Akenten Agro and Trading Limited, we prioritize the health and well-being of our community by adhering to rigorous food safety standards in the production of our maize and tomatoes. We believe that by setting a good example, we can inspire others to follow suit and contribute to a safer food system.”

He also added that, “Food safety is not just the responsibility of farmers or food vendors; it is a collective effort that involves every single person in the food supply chain, from production to consumption,”.

The engagement was well-received by the community, with many participants expressing a newfound understanding of their role in food safety. The company plans to make this an annual initiative, continually expanding its outreach to ensure that food safety becomes a sustained priority in Asante Akyem Agogo.

As World Food Safety Day draws attention globally to the importance of safe food practices, W. Akenten Agro and Trading Limited’s efforts serve as a shining example of how local actions can have a significant impact on community health and well-being.