17-Year-Old American Lady Accepted into 45 Colleges With Over $300,000 In Scholarships

A 17-year-old twitter user by name Asia Lesane has shared the news of her acceptance into 45 different colleges in the United States.

Announcing in a post on twitter, she shared a collage of her and the logos of all the 45 schools she has been accepted into. 

According to some users on twitter, it costs approximately US$ 8,000 to apply to all these schools but according to Asia, she did not pay any application fees. She employed the services of The National Association for College Admission Counseling, an American organization dedicated to serving students transitioning from high school.

According to Asia, she was also offered full scholarships to 4 of these schools and over US$300,000 in other scholarships. She achieved this with a GPA of 3.2 and enough college credits to be a sophomore.

Her post has since garnered hundreds of thousands of interactions across the internet, with congratulations pouring in to the young lady. Even though she is yet to make a choice as to which college she will be attending, Asia is an inspiration to others like her.

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