Adeline Quarshie: Young Ghanaian lady starts her own Micro Finance Company

Adeline Quarshie

Dreams do come true!

Young Ghanaian lady Adeline Quarshie has always wanted to own a bank. Yes a bank.

She is just not sitting down wishing that she becomes a bank owner one day.

She got herself educated. She currently has an EMBA in Finance from the University of Ghana Business School after graduating from Accra Technical University and GIMPA in finance related courses. She also did a short course at Yale University.

She has also worked with several finance companies in insurance and banking just to prepare her for her great day.

As at now, Adeline Quarshie has a micro credit company by name Credence Micro Credit.

They give loans to individuals and companies and also provide banking services.

Though Adeline Quarshie has faced many challenges in the pursuit of her dream through gender discrimination and harassment of all forms, she’s not backing down.

Adeline Quarshie