Ama O. Sarpong Empowers Ghanaian Youth at the Enactus World Cup 2023 in Netherlands

Former beauty pageant winner turned Oil and Gas professional, Ama Osei Sarpong, has exemplified unwavering commitment to fostering youth career development, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and innovation through her non-profit organization, Diversity Global.

Diversity Global demonstrated its steadfast dedication by supporting a team of talented young female students who represented Ghana at the prestigious Enactus World Cup 2023 competition. The event, held in Utrecht, Netherlands from October 17th to 20th, 2023, showcased sustainable entrepreneurial projects initiated by university students globally, making a remarkable and positive impact on the world.

The students, hailing from C.K Tedam University of Technology and Applies Sciences (CKT-UTAS) in Navrongo, Upper East Region, presented two groundbreaking projects addressing critical issues related to e-waste and rice waste in Ghana. Enactus CKT-UTAS earned the right to represent Ghana at the World cup after winning the Enactus Ghana National competition in July 2023. Their first project, Waste Tech, ingeniously converts e-waste into poultry incubators, empowering farmers to enhance productivity, sustainability, and income. Whiles the second, Ecohusk, transforms rice husks and straw into eco-friendly flywheel sheets for furniture and acoustics, reducing environmental pollution while creating value-added products.

Ama O. Sarpong, also serving as a final round judge at the World cup adjudicating the four finalist teams from Enactus Canada, Enactus Australia, Enactus Egypt, and Enactus Tunisia, expressed her passion for youth and women empowerment. She emphasized the need to provide avenues for growth, career development, and entrepreneurship, especially during university years. “I was profoundly impressed with CKT-UTAS’s entrepreneurship team and their project. While they might not have emerged as global champions, they are certainly heroes in their communities in Ghana for the impactful work they are doing,” Ama stated.

Ama Osei Sarpong, Founder of Diversity Global, called for support from private organizations and the government for initiatives empowering young women and the youth. “Our Ghanaian youth possess immense potential, but it can only be fully realized with support from both the private sector and the government. I witnessed teams from other countries, heavily supported by their private sectors and governments, growing multi-million-dollar projects that directly impacted hundreds of thousands. Our Ghanaian youth can achieve similar feats, but they need our collective support,” she emphasized.

Diversity Global’s backing of Enactus Ghana underscores the organization’s and Founder’s unwavering dedication to empowering women, youth, minorities, and marginalized communities in Ghana. The organization’s initiatives, advocating for gender-sensitive policies, inclusive cultures, training programs and supporting organizations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy development and implementation have laid the groundwork for inclusion and transformation in Ghana and beyond.