Twellium Ghana’s Verna Changing Lives Project Ends in an Uplifting Celebration in Accra Tudu

The 12-week journey of Twellium Ghana’s A Verna Changing Lives project, in collaboration with the Verna Foundation, culminated in a spectacular celebration on November 1st, 2023, in Accra Tudu. This heartwarming initiative has left an indelible mark on the community, transforming lives and creating unforgettable moments.

A Verna Changing Lives Project Recap

Over the past 12 weeks, the A Verna Changing Lives project has been an inspiring force in Accra, touching the lives of individuals in remarkable ways. The project’s activities included generous product donations to the community and the organization of fun-filled events. As an added dimension of goodwill, the project recognized and rewarded an individual each week with the most touching life story with a cash prize of GHC 5,000, amassing a grand total of GHC 60,000 in cash prizes.

The Climax: An Unforgettable Day in Tudu

The grand finale of this extraordinary journey unfolded in Accra Tudu on November 1st, 2023. It was a day marked by joy, inspiration, and life-changing experiences. Beneficiaries from the past 12 weeks of the A Verna Changing Lives project came together to share their stories, underscoring the profound impact this initiative has had on their lives.

Changing Lives and Creating Smiles

The beneficiaries effusively expressed their gratitude to Twellium Ghana and Verna for their transformative interventions. Many recounted how the project’s support had positively impacted their daily lives, offering financial assistance and a renewed sense of hope.

Fun and Excitement

In keeping with the tradition of A Verna Changing Lives events, the climax in Tudu was replete with an array of entertaining activities that brought smiles and laughter to the faces of attendees. Among the activities were “Flip the Verna Bottle,” dancing competitions, and the blindfolded sip from the Verna Bottle challenge. These activities, designed to spread happiness and cheer, truly brought the community together.

To add to the excitement, attendees had the opportunity to win fabulous giveaways of various Twellium Ghana products, adding an extra layer of joy to the day’s festivities.

The Verna Changing Lives project has effectively demonstrated that simple acts of kindness can have a profound impact, setting in motion a ripple effect of positivity. It stands as a testament to Twellium Ghana’s unwavering commitment to making a difference in the communities they serve, as well as Ghana at large.

As we draw the curtains on this remarkable 12-week journey, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our readers, supporters, and media partner, 3fm, and the entire Media General team for their instrumental role as producers throughout these 12 weeks.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Twellium Ghana as they continue to change lives, one heartfelt gesture at a time. Together, we can make a difference!