Ama O. Sarpong Recognized Amongst Pan-African Female Leaders in Energy: Africa Oil Week POWER LIST 2023 

Ama O. Sarpong, an emerging trailblazer in the dynamic world of the upstream oil & gas and energy transition industry, has rightfully earned her place among the 50 most influential female executives featured in the esteemed Africa Oil Week POWER LIST 2023. This recognition not only applauds Ama’s remarkable contributions to the Pan-African energy sector but also underscores her unwavering commitment to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

The Africa Oil Week POWER LIST 2023 is a tribute to 50 exceptional women who have left an indelible mark on the energy landscape. Ama O. Sarpong, celebrated for her exceptional leadership, stands at the forefront of Africa’s transformative journey towards a sustainable and equitable future.

Ama’s journey to this prestigious acknowledgment is nothing short of inspirational. At a young age, she has made a significant impact in the energy industry, where experience often comes with gray hair. With over a decade of dedicated service to the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, she has become a true luminary. As the Exploration Team Lead at Eni in Ghana, her stellar contributions have propelled her organization to new heights, while also playing a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s energy landscape.

But Ama’s influence extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. She personifies her fervent advocacy for the empowerment and advancement of women, not as mere words, but as a driving force of transformative change. As the Founder of Diversity Global, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women and minority representation and leadership within various sectors, she has laid the groundwork for creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce within the energy, climate, and extractives sector. Ama’s leadership is felt not just within boardrooms but in every heart she has inspired.

Ama’s recognition is a celebration of her visionary leadership and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. She firmly believes that the energy sector, like any other, should be a place where everyone’s talents shine irrespective of their gender or background. Through her initiatives at Diversity Global and active involvement with organizations like Lean In Equity & Sustainability, she champions equity, gender equality, and sustainable practices, putting her passion into action.

The recognition bestowed upon Ama O. Sarpong and her fellow Pan-African Powerful Women is a testament to the extraordinary power, resilience, and determination that women bring to the forefront of Africa’s energy sector. They not only lead the charge in addressing the pressing issue of climate change but also set the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous future.

In an era where Africa faces the pressing challenges of the climate emergency, Ama O. Sarpong and her fellow female leaders illuminate the path of innovation and sustainable growth. Together, they craft a narrative of a brighter future, painting Africa’s energy landscape with hope and resilience.

Ama’s journey is a powerful story of transformation. From her early days as a beauty pageant winner in 2010 while an undergraduate at the University of Ghana under her maiden name, Ama Nettey, to her current role as a trailblazing figure in the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, she has defied expectations and shattered barriers. Her achievements are not just a testament to her personal growth but also a beacon of hope for women who aspire to excel in fields traditionally dominated by men.

Ama O. Sarpong’s journey epitomizes the spirit of innovation, purpose, and progress in Ghana’s dynamic Oil, Gas, and Energy landscape. Her unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion underscores her commitment to forging a brighter, more equitable future for the energy sector and beyond.

Her role as a leading energy transition expert was evident at the Ghana Oil & Gas Energy Summit in 2022, where she presented her research report on the growing skills gap in the energy transition to Oil, Gas, and Energy Stakeholders in Ghana in both the public and private sectors. Ama highlighted the need for skills and knowledge transfer in the face of an aging workforce, emphasizing the importance of equipping the workforce with in-demand energy transition skills.

Ama O. Sarpong is an accomplished Oil and Gas Professional with a career spanning over a decade, specializing in upstream Exploration and Energy Transition in Africa. Currently serving as an Exploration Team Lead at Eni, she is also the Deputy Co-Chair of Diversity and Inclusion with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Ghana. Ama is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and diversity within the Energy sector.

Her recognition as a young, visionary leader in the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, combined with her fervor for diversity and inclusion, stands as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of leadership and dedication to a brighter, more equitable future.