Shield Insurance Brokers goes Global

In the competitive landscape of the insurance industry, Shield Insurances, a prominent player in Ghana, is making headlines with its ambitious plans for international growth. At the helm of this dynamic enterprise are Gloria Ocran, the Executive Director for Finance and Admin, and Kwame Dwamena, the Managing Director. Their journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a top-tier insurance brokerage firm, is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to expanding their horizons.

Gloria Ocran, who has been an integral part of Shield Insurances since its inception in 2009, brings a wealth of experience to the company. She has witnessed the organization’s evolution firsthand and emphasizes the importance of core values such as professionalism, innovation, integrity, and stewardship, which have propelled Shield Insurances to secure a spot among the top ten insurance brokers in Ghana—a significant source of pride for the company.

Kwame Dwamena, the Managing Director, joined Shield Insurances in 2010. Beyond his corporate role, Kwame is an individual with diverse interests. He is a devoted family man, a pet enthusiast, and has recently ventured into horse riding, nurturing dreams of becoming a professional polo player. During his leisure time, he cherishes moments with his family, enjoys cycling with friends, and maintains an unwavering devotion to the world of football, particularly to Manchester United.

In a recent interview, both Gloria and Kwame shared their vision for Shield Insurances and their strategic plan to embark on an international journey. They envision strengthening their business model to withstand the volatile economic conditions experienced in Ghana in recent years, exacerbated by the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ghanaian economy has encountered challenges, including a significant depreciation of the local currency. Shield Insurances recognizes the need for pragmatic measures to thrive in this environment, and expanding internationally is a logical step to mitigate the risks associated with domestic economic fluctuations. Their partnership with UNIBA Partners is a crucial element of their international expansion strategy, offering access to a wealth of experience and technical expertise.

Gloria and Kwame also stressed the importance of learning from UNIBA Partners to adopt new and robust systems and practices, ensuring Shield Insurances remains relevant and competitive in the global business landscape. Furthermore, international expansion presents the opportunity for market growth and expansion—a strategic move that aligns with Shield Insurances’ commitment to delivering top-tier insurance solutions to an ever-expanding clientele.

Looking ahead to the coming year, Gloria and Kwame plan to leverage their extensive experience in the Ghanaian insurance market, which spans close to 15 years. They aim to provide valuable knowledge and contacts to UNIBA Partners engaged in business in their region. Additionally, their diverse client base positions them to offer referrals to partners with international business interests.

Shield Insurances is not merely an insurance brokerage firm; it is a testament to values, innovation, and international cooperation. Its remarkable journey from local origins to the global stage illustrates the company’s resilience and determination in an ever-evolving business landscape. With leaders of the caliber of Gloria Ocran and Kwame Dwamena steering the ship, Shield Insurances is poised for a promising future in the international insurance arena. Stay tuned as they embark on their exciting international journey.