Ankobra Beach Resort’s Transformational Journey: Joel Abakah’s Inspiring Leadership and Community Impact

Joel Flintwood Kobina Abakah has established himself as a pivotal figure at Ankobra Beach Resort. Beginning his journey as an Account Officer and occasionally stepping into the role of a receptionist, Joel’s dedication and versatility quickly earned him recognition. Over time, his responsibilities expanded, encompassing both the roles of Account Officer and HR personnel. His involvement even extended to driving the official car for shopping expeditions, showcasing his commitment to the resort’s smooth functioning.

Following seven years of devoted service, a significant transition marked Joel’s journey. With the conclusion of the contract of the then-manager, Mr. Clause Egger, in October 2019, Joel was entrusted with the position of Managing Director of the resort. This role, one of tremendous responsibility and leadership, has allowed him to steer the course of Ankobra Beach Resort under his able guidance.

Educational accomplishments have played an integral role in shaping Joel’s professional trajectory. He holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accounting, a Degree in Business Commerce (Bcom), and a Degree in Computerized Accounting. Displaying an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth, Joel is currently pursuing a Masters in Hospitality Management.

Ankobra Beach Resort, under Joel’s leadership, offers a comprehensive array of services to its visitors. This includes hotel accommodations, a well-appointed restaurant, a vibrant bar, a plethora of recreational offerings, invigorating hiking experiences, and immersive tours around fascinating destinations in Nzemaland. Noteworthy among these tours are the captivating Mangrove tour, the enthralling Nzulezu tour of the stilt village, and the insightful Ankansa rain forest tour. Furthermore, the resort facilitates fishing expeditions and its own enchanting garden tour.

Joel’s impact extends beyond the confines of Ankobra Beach Resort. His dynamic role has fostered a deeper connection between the resort and the surrounding communities, particularly Axim and Brewire. A transformative range of social projects, designed to uphold the principles of corporate social responsibility, stand testament to his commitment. From extending and enhancing the provision of electronic power and poles in Ankobra to rehabilitating the Catholic School building, and even constructing a bus stop, Joel’s initiatives have left a lasting impression.

Notably, the generosity of Ankobra Beach Resort doesn’t stop there. The dedication to community development has manifested in numerous other forms, including the recent donation of 40 chop boxes to each student of Ankobra Catholic School ahead of their BECE Exams. The impact on Brewire has been equally transformative, with mechanized boreholes delivering a sustainable source of fresh water, provision of street bulbs, and a nurturing partnership with Brewire and Akyinim Junior High School.

Joel’s commitment to uplifting the community is further exemplified by his annual support for the celebration of the Kundum Festival and the ongoing involvement of volunteers from Rainbow Garden Village (RGV). This enthusiastic team contributes to various projects, spanning from waste management and carpentry to educational initiatives and gardening. Under Joel’s leadership, Ankobra Beach Resort has not only emerged as a thriving hospitality establishment but also as a beacon of positive change within its surroundings.