Award-Winning Blogger Edward Asare Delivers Talk at Women Empowerment Summit

Award-winning digital marketer and blogger Edward Asare over the weekend delivered a talk at a Women Empowerment Summit organised by Diana Wilson and her Yielding Accomplished African Women organisation. The only man on the panel, Edward talked about creating a holistic brand using social media and how to find your career path.

Some other speakers at the summit were Esinam Seade, Phyllis Kuenyehia, Diana Wilson and Jewel Thompson, young women who are achieving great things in their chosen fields.

The running theme of the summit’s discussions was “Raising Stand Out Leaders” and the conversations were on Career & Purpose discovery and finding fulfilment in pursuits. During his submission, Edward made the following key points worth noting:

1. Find your passion and follow it religiously 

2. Find a mentor that does what you want to do and let him or her guide you 

3. Be consistent with what you want to be known for. 

You can’t do it all 

4. Don’t be shy. A lot of dreams have been killed due to the fear of what people will say

5. Build relationships. Some relationships can open doors for you your degree can’t.

6. Never burn bridges. You may have to walk through it again one day 

7. The world is too advanced not to be online. While you’re there, watch what you post. 

8. If you have to sacrifice your integrity to achieve it, it’s not meant for you.

Participants of the summit have taken to social media to express their joy for making the decision to participate in the summit. By and by, Yielding Accomplished African Women is steadily building towards their goal of developing the African woman.