CEO of Reflo Company Ltd, Rebecca Osam Addresses UNIMAC Students on International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Rebeca Osam, the CEO of Reflo Company Ltd, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality and affordable sanitary products, delivered an inspiring speech at the University of Media, Arts and Communications (UNIMAC). The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Inspire Inclusion,” and Osam’s presentation focused on the crucial topic of “Forging Women’s Economic Empowerment, Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Female Talent.”

Ms. Osam shared her personal journey as a woman in the business world, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the compassion it instilled in her to commit to women’s empowerment. Her speech aimed to motivate and empower the students, encouraging them to strive for success in their chosen fields while championing diversity and inclusion.

The students at UNIMAC found the CEO’s insights invaluable, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of gender diversity and the role they can play in fostering a more inclusive society. Osam’s practical advice and real-world experiences resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impact on the aspiring young professionals.

Rebeca Osam emphasized the significance of creating opportunities for women in the workforce, promoting equal access to resources, and fostering a supportive environment for career growth. She highlighted the need for companies to actively recruit, retain, and develop female talent to ensure a balanced and diverse representation in leadership roles.

In addition to Ms. Osam’s address, The Women’s Commissioner at UNIMAC also expressed appreciation for the CEO’s presence and the valuable insights she shared. The Women’s Commissioner emphasized the role educational institutions play in preparing future leaders who understand the importance of gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Rebeca Osam’s visit to UNIMAC on International Women’s Day proves the commitment of industry leaders toward fostering a more inclusive and diverse professional landscape. The event left an indelible mark on the students, inspiring them to actively contribute to the advancement of women’s economic empowerment and the creation of an inclusive society.