TroTro Diaries Strikes Partnership with JoyPrime for TV Show Debut on April 6th

Yaw Tweneboah Kodua Odoom fulfills a decade-long dream as TroTro Diaries expands its reach to television.

TroTro Diaries, the brainchild of founder Yaw Tweneboah Kodua Odoom, is set to take its mission of transforming public transportation in Ghana and Africa to a broader audience through a groundbreaking partnership with JoyPrime. The TroTro Diaries TV Show is scheduled to premiere on April 6th, marking a significant milestone for the platform that initially started as a small idea in 2011.

In an exclusive statement, Yaw Tweneboah Kodua Odoom expressed his excitement about this new chapter, saying, “When TroTro Diaries started in 2011, one of the things I wanted to do was to put it on TV or radio. Although it was a small idea then, I believed it had great potential. Today, a dream comes true as we officially signed a partnership with JoyPrime for the TroTro Diaries Tv Show.”

The TroTro Diaries TV Show aims to be the official voice for commuters, offering a platform to discuss transportation-related issues and advocate for improvements. With a focus on fostering dialogue, the show will engage with both the public and relevant stakeholders to address challenges and propose solutions to enhance the overall commuting experience.

“Our goal at TroTro Diaries still remains to use our various platforms to help improve public transportation across Ghana and Africa,” Odoom emphasized.

Yaw Tweneboah Kodua Odoom, the visionary founder, is renowned for building virtual communities and leveraging them to drive societal impact through projects aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With a wealth of experience as a certified community management expert, Odoom has spent the last 12 years building and scaling virtual communities, boasting over 0.5 million community members.

Odoom’s commitment to community development has earned international recognition, with the work at Bibini Innovations, TroTro Diaries’ parent organization, being featured by prestigious organizations such as Meta (formerly Facebook), UNICEF, and CNN, among others.

Passionate about building value-adding internal and external communities capable of driving positive change, Yaw Tweneboah Kodua Odoom envisions the TroTro Diaries TV Show as another avenue to contribute to the betterment of society. The show will not only entertain but also serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and actions in the realm of public transportation.

As the countdown begins for the TroTro Diaries TV Show premiere on JoyPrime, audiences can anticipate a dynamic and engaging platform that not only reflects the journey of TroTro Diaries but also propels the mission to improve public transportation to new heights.