Daniel Sarpong: Meet the young sales consultant causing change everywhere he goes

Daniel Sarpong Jnr is a highly sought after business coach/consultant with almost a decade of exceptional success at delivering unprecedented results in top level management within major multinational organizations.

Daniel started his career as a struggling sales executive who failed woefully at his sales role and was almost fired, despite hard work and passion for the role. Instead of giving up at sales like many do, he decided to master the skill, so he can teach other executives and businesses who are also struggling with sales. With mastery came promotions and major global opportunities to share his gift.

With the rich experience, expertise and knowledge harnessed in his roles as Head of Digital Strategy, Marketing & Sales in three(3) different multinationals headquartered in Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine, Daniel is currently on a journey to transfer the globally proven skills, strategies and knowledge to help other businesses across the world grow seamlessly.

Daniel worked as the Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy & Sales for Tonaton Gh Ltd; an e-commerce and classifieds company, which caused a digital transformation and led the revolution of digital commerce for the over 30 million inhabitants of Ghana, West Africa.

His role ensured the breaking of the market for retail platforms in Ghana which easily birthed acceptance and an easy establishment of other big brands like Jumia and allowed Ghanaians to easily accept all forms of trust, pay and receive.

Daniel has contributed and been involved in the digital growth & transformation strategies of other global 500 companies including Coca-Cola & KLM and other global brands like Lenovo and LG.

Daniel has since trained 100,000+ business owners, executives, youth and students from over 20+ countries on the skill of sales as well as mind transformation which is needed to make the sales skill more effective.

One of his known quotes is “Passion and sales are two separate things. You can be very passionate about your business and role in sales, however until you develop the skill, passion alone will take you nowhere”

Daniel currently spearheads Impact Network Global; an NGO which focuses on Impact Projects across the world, with the upcoming project Africa Transformation Summit(www.afritrans.org)



The Africa Transformation Summit(Afritrans) is a continental summit organized by Impact Network Global which brings together governments, business moguls, entrepreneurs, youth and all great minds to connect innovation and resources with the goal of transforming Africa.

This summit seeks promote & share insights on :

  • 1. Standardized global best practises
  • 2. Funding opportunities for innovative projects
  • 3. Marketing & Media blueprints for innovative projects
  •  4. Strategic partnerships of innovators.

The vision is to be Africa’s leading innovation festival, connecting innovators and resources for a continental transformation.

This summit is focused on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) in Africa which will remarkably propel the development of the continent.

The topics for the Accra,Ghana session will be focused on Innovation, Business and Digital. The aligned SDGs to be focused on are

  • Goal 2: Quality Education
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality,
  • Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth,
  • Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure ,
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequality,
  • Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal.

Accra, Ghana on the 3rd of September, 2022 |  Kigali Rwanda, 8th April 2023 | Casablanca, Morocco 7th October 2023

Register now at : www.afritrans.org

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