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International women’s day for me has always been a time of reflection. A time I reflect on the shifts that have occurred in my life, the achievements, failures, breakdowns and obstacles and how well I have turned them from compost to manure and used the experiences to learn, evolve, grow and shift from my comfort zone to harvest new possibilities.

I want to formally and officially welcome you to the maiden edition of my Evolving Women’s Series. It is my singular honour to be your guide on this journey. My one mission on this journey is to awaken your power to become who you’re meant to be in this life; to realize your full potential and contribute your gifts at the highest level. For after all the deeper seeds of possibilities are within us.

Before I start though, I invite you to take a moment to put everything to one side including your To-Do List and take a nice, deep breath, make a shift from where your attention is now and open space for deep learning and reflection by bringing your focus to yourself.

Shut your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath, allow your awareness to come back inside yourself, now breath out all the way down into your hips, down into your legs, down into the soles of your feet and into the earth.

Breathe in again and this time while breathing out reflect on how brilliant, creative, resourceful and talented you are with accomplishments to be proud of and give yourself a pat on the back. I salute you. Be rest assured that regardless of your current situation and/or experiences, the whole of the universe is working towards your success and together we say ‘Yes, and thank you and so it is and so it will be”. Please open your eyes.

 The core premise of this Evolving Women series is to unravel the change that’s happening for millions of us as women, the change is so significant that one could compare it to the emergence of the internet and social media. It is the shift from achievement to becoming self–actualised. Women today are yearning not only to achieve success by traditional measures, have a successful life, husband, children and a career alone, we also want to bring forth and make manifest the highest possibilities of who we are.

So there is this power paradox and a double bind situation that we find ourselves in where on one hand we feel powerful and achieved and on the other hand we feel powerless to create the things we yearn for the most in our life.

So even though we are brilliant, creative, resourceful, talented, caring and gifted women, occupying prominent positions in all spears of life unprecedented in history; from Health Care to finance, Education, Politics. Yet you also experience:

  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, anxious and at times depressed
  • Finding yourself in relationship patterns where you are over-giving and are undervalued, under-recognised and feel invisible
  • Yearning  for an intimate partnership but not knowing how to meet someone who is a true equal
  • Feeling  called to do more with your life to serve humanity but you do not know what that thing looks like and how best you can support yourself through that transition
  • Feeling pulled to express your gifts and talents while at the same time experiencing extreme self-doubt
  • Feeling lonely and isolated even though you have good friends and family members in your life
  • Feeling a desire to be radiant. visible and at home with your body but struggling with your health and feeling shame and confusion that you can’t bring yourself to make the necessary changes you should make
  • Sensing you came into this world to participate in some larger world-changing calling but not knowing where to start

For those of you who feel some of these, I am here to tell you that you are not alone and it is not your fault that you feel this way and it is not a sign of failure, lots of women are going through similar feelings they are just not verbalizing it


The good news is that how you are feeling is not abnormal and you are not alone in this, many women are going through it too, it is not your fault that you feel this way and it is not a sign of failure. Infact, it is actually a sign that transformation is taking place within you, something wants to give, to shift, to manifest, you are already up to something big. Something wants to manifest. You only need support to get to your next level of greatness.

This can be compared to a woman who has reached her time of delivery, if she fails to get support to bring that child out she could bleed to death and lose the child or both of them may bleed to death. To ignore it is torture, it cannot be work as usual. You must pay attention to those Yearnings for they are speaking to you.

 Like Potential, unless you unlock, unleash and magnetize you don’t feel fulfilled.

Perhaps you have tried goal setting, strategic planning and leaving it to God and doing nothing but they still persist. WOW!

So this International women’s month, I leave you with 4 questions to reflect on:

  • Which of the areas mentioned did you resonate with?
  • What do you most yearn to create in those areas?
  • What are the biggest gaps between where you are now in those areas and where you want to be?
  • Which one are you most drawn to pay attention to?

Finally, I leave you with this profound statement “When breakdowns are happening, old structures of the caterpillar are dissolving, the old structures are falling away and making room for new structures to emerge”. Claire Zammit

Happy International women’s Day Evolving Women.

Sika Twum (IGSDP, CHRMP)

Transformational Leadership Coach & Human Capital Development Specialist 




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