From Business Man To Media Darling, The Rise of Dr. Sneaker Nyame

Many people associate social media with negative messaging, in recent years the youth of Ghana have transformed social media from a mere tool for interaction to a very huge market for transaction, value addition and also a place for social and developmental discourse.
Foster Kofi Agyapong is the CEO of the Sneaker Nyame and host of popular TwitterSpaces show #SneakerNyameFm. The businessman rose to fame by being a reliable brand for sneakers and shoes. Sneaker Nyame as he is popularly known utilized Twitter to its maximum capacity. He learnt about the platform from a friend who advised that he moved his business over and he made the right connections on twitter to have a voice on the platform. He has done an array of interviews over the past two months because of his eloquence and charm in encounters with the media and his stomping ground, TwitterSpaces. Adom TV, Adoa TV and a host of other media platforms have invited the young businessman to host shows on their platform.

How did this young man metamorphose from being just a businessman to being the most likeable character in the media space?

The story of SneakerNyame begun with his emergence from Asante Akyem Agogo where he hails from and frequently mentions to show his appreciation. The young man always had a knack for entrepreneurship and though he didn’t have the means to begin he still learnt the skill from one Aunt of his that he used to help. Learning the skills of handling money, keeping record of stock and dealing with customers was pivotal to his future business plans and the hands on approach for his learning made it really easy.

He moved to Accra like everyone else who wants the attention of Ghana to start his business. Knowing that Accra is one of the most challenging markets to sell in did not deter Forster, he started with some money he had saved up and utilized Instagram heavily in the beginning to sell his sneakers.

It was after he was advised by a friend of his to try using twitter that he really took off, he joined twitter like everyone else and worked his way into influence Twice after his earlier account got suspended, his Hardwork and Perseverance endeared him to many and it was no surprise that he was awarded as the Business Tweep of the year at the just ended Twitter Awards.

When Twitter introduced their new product @TwitterSpaces a over year ago, SneakerNyame was one of the people that saw an opportunity to maximize the platform to reach more people and also to convert them into paying customers. He started the #SneakerNyameFM on TwitterSpaces co-hosted by SpOOky ThE ManiaC, who is the theme song composer of TwitterSpaces. The pair took over the airwaves in Ghana with their semi radio show that spoke about a wide range of topics and had a large cult following who came through every other night when their show was on.

SneakerNyame would go on to host a show on Adom TV where he attained national recognition for his eloquence and charm, he dazzled the listeners with jokes and witty banter in subsequent interviews. His highest point would be when he met US-based Ghanaian rappers Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper with the latter calling his night with SneakerNyame “Damn near his Best night”.

SneakerNyame has gone on to get more attention working for Jumia Ghana and a host of other brands and was enrolled into the Ghana Institute of Journalism where he is studying PR and is looking to polish his already awesome skills to do greater things.

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