From the UK Stage to African Entrepreneurship: Rebecca Osam’s Inspiring Journey of Empowerment and Excellence

In a remarkable journey from the performing arts stages of the UK to becoming a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader, Miss Rebecca Osam returned to her roots in Ghana with a mission. A background in acting, singing, and modeling set the stage for a shift towards entrepreneurship in 2014, founding Reflo Company Limited. Her commitment to Africa’s potential drove her to provide high-quality, affordable products, beginning with Reflo’s Pull-up diapers.

As the Managing Director of Reflo Company Limited, Reflo’s TV, and Femme Fatale Productions Limited, her academic journey began with GCSEs in London and a focus on performing arts at Richmond Upon Thames College. Her extensive experience in theatre, television, and the music industry adds depth to their entrepreneurial pursuits.

She’s not only dedicated to business excellence but also to empowering women in Africa. Also serving as the Managing Director for The Florence Mensah Foundation, founded by her mother, they both strive to uplift and inspire African women and girls.
Through REFLO’S TV, Rebecca Osam continues to champion women’s empowerment with captivating, educational content.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Rebecca aims to leave a significant mark on the African business landscape while tirelessly advocating for women’s empowerment in Africa.