Godwin Kofi Tetteh: Degree barber gets his master’s degree

In an era where educational paths often follow a linear trajectory, Godwin Kofi Tetteh has defied convention. A skilled barber with a passion for his craft, he recently achieved a significant academic milestone by obtaining a Master’s degree in Brands and Communication Studies from the University of Professional Studies. This achievement adds to his already impressive academic journey, as he previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the same institution.

Godwin’s story begins in the humble setting of Akwamuman Senior High School, where he completed his high school education. It was during these formative years that he first realized his passion for the art of barbering. Hailing from Asesewa, a small town in Ghana, he started honing his barbering skills at a young age, setting the foundation for what would become a successful and unconventional career.

Despite the allure of traditional career paths, Godwin chose to pursue his passion for barbering. Over the past thirteen years, he has dedicated himself to perfecting the craft, becoming a well-respected figure in the industry. His journey, though unconventional proves the importance of following one’s passion and forging a unique path in life.

Today, Godwin Kofi Tetteh is the proud owner of two thriving barbering shops, where he offers his services and employs a team of skilled barbers. His dedication to the craft and commitment to quality has earned him a loyal clientele, including notable figures such as Bernard Avle, a renowned journalist at Citi FM and Citi TV.

While Godwin’s journey is remarkable in its own right, he is not content to rest on his laurels. His future aspirations include pursuing a Ph.D. to further expand his knowledge and expertise in his field. Additionally, he aims to open a barber school, where he can share his passion and skills with the next generation of barbers.