Green Afro Palms, Kitovu Technologies, ShaQ Express, and Padup Secure Top Honors at #SankalpWestAfrica2023

The winners of the highly anticipated #SankalpWestAfrica2023 have been unveiled, marking a momentous occasion in the realm of sustainable development and entrepreneurship. The prestigious event, held at the esteemed University of Professional Studies in Accra, showcased a remarkable lineup of innovative enterprises striving to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Organized by Intellecap, the pioneer behind Sankalp’s inception in India back in 2009, the initiative aimed to foster a thriving ecosystem for business-led solutions across the Global South. Over the years, Sankalp has emerged as one of the world’s foremost impact enterprise-focused platforms, connecting over 2,000 entrepreneurs with more than 1,000 investors through its flagship summits.

The event, spanning two days from June 12 to 13, culminated in the announcement of the esteemed winners. These enterprises exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and commitment to creating a positive impact on society. Among the standout awardees were Green Afro Palms, Kitovu Technologies, ShaQ Express, and Padup, each recognized for their exceptional contributions.

Green Afro Palms secured the coveted Ecosystem Award for its remarkable efforts in promoting sustainable practices in the agriculture sector. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly farming techniques and the cultivation of palm trees garnered praise from the judging panel.

Kitovu Technologies, the first runner-up, showcased an impressive innovation in the agri-tech space. Their groundbreaking solutions aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and empowering smallholder farmers earned them well-deserved recognition.

ShaQ Express, the second runner-up, was acknowledged for its exceptional work in revolutionizing last-mile logistics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the local market, ShaQ Express demonstrated remarkable achievements in providing efficient and reliable delivery services.

The Ecosystem award was bestowed upon Padup, a transformative enterprise that has played a pivotal role in advancing access to quality education. Padup’s innovative digital learning solutions have reached underserved communities, empowering countless individuals with knowledge and skills for a brighter future.

Beyond connecting entrepreneurs with investors, Sankalp has spearheaded a paradigm shift in inclusive development approaches. Through collaborations with governments, corporations, ecosystem builders, and civil society organizations, Sankalp has championed the cause of sustainable development on a global scale. Its engagements with prestigious entities like the World Economic Forum, G7, and G20 have amplified the impact of its initiatives.

At the heart of Sankalp lies a profound commitment to the success of entrepreneurs. The organization operates on the foundation of Knowledge, Capital, and Network, nurturing an enabling ecosystem that supports the growth and sustainability of impactful enterprises.

The #SankalpWestAfrica2023 marked yet another milestone in Sankalp’s journey, celebrating the remarkable achievements of businesses striving to address pressing global challenges. With over USD 300 million raised in funding and USD 1.2 million disbursed in cash grants, Sankalp continues to be a driving force in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

As the winners of the #SankalpWestAfrica2023 bask in their well-deserved recognition, the entire ecosystem eagerly awaits their continued endeavors, inspired by their passion and dedication to creating positive change in the world.