Since September 2021 the HR Certification Centre has been organizing this health walk from Ayi Mensah to Peduase. The health walk has had HR professionals across various industries in attendance since its inception and this year was no different. Also in attendance was the President of the Association of Certified HRs: Hilda De Souza and her executive members.

The marketing manager of the HR Certification Centre, Mr Nyamekye-Dapaah indicated that the health walk was organized to bring HRs across various industries into one space where they could socialize, network, have fun and build a formidable bond to spearhead best practices in Human Resources Management in Ghana.

Participants took turns playing various team-building sports after climbing the hill from Ayi Mensah to Peduase at the plush Peduase Valley Resort. They also had a 20-minute heated aerobics session with professional gym instructors after which they were treated to free breakfast and spots of massage at the Peduase Valley Resort.

The Country Director of the HR Certification Centre, Dr Jeff Bassey in his remarks to the attendees said “The HR Certification Centre wants to contribute immensely to the importance of Human Resources Management in Ghana and Africa at large”. He further stated that HR is creating a culture that supports business productivity and to that effect, the HR Certification Centre launched  “The HR Relevance Campaign”.

The HR Relevance Campaign is set to run for 6 weeks on all social media platforms (ie. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok). “This campaign is set to push the relevance of HR in today’s Corporate environment, so I invite all HR practitioners to be actively involved”, Dr Jeff Bassey. 

Mr Nyamekye-Dapaah also indicated that the HR Certification Centre will be sharing content on the Centre’s various social media platforms with the hashtags: #hristhenewfuture #hrisrelevant to sensitize corporate Ghana on the relevance of Human Resources Management as part of the HR Relevance Campaign. He also encouraged participants and all and sundry to join the HR Relevance Campaign by posting on the Relevance of HR with the hashtags: #hrisrelevant #hristhenewfuture.

If you believe that the success of every business is its people, join the HR Certification Centre in the HR Relevance Campaign on social media by posting pictures, videos and quotes and sharing your people management experience on the relevance of Human Resources Management with the hashtags: #hristhenewfuture #hrisrelevant

HR Certification Centre is a professional training centre with the vision of being a leading Human Resources & Leadership Development centre in Africa. Our mission is to provide Professional HR Education, Leadership Development, and Executive Training in the African Sub-Region. The centre is certified to register and provide training to candidates of the Global Professional HR Certification, USA.

For more information contact the course coordinator: 0244 822 855 or Facebook, Instagram and TikTok: @hr_certification or Twitter: @hr_certify or LinkedIn: HR Certification Centre

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