Naziha Gombilla Amin makes history as the first person to ever graduate with First-Class in Law at UPSA

Naziha Gombilla Amin, a young lady who studied law from 2018 to 2022 at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has come out with not only flying colours but a name that is ‘above every other name’ her faculty has produced.

The Accra Girls’ Senior High School alumnus graduated as the only person in the history of the school to have ever bagged a first class in Law since its establishment in 1965.

Profile of the valedictorian

A post on the official Facebook handle of the school read:

Meet Naziha Gombilla Amin, Valedictorian and the first student to obtain First Class Honours from the UPSA Law School. Naziha, a former student of the Accra Girls High School, graduated with a FCGPA of 3.72.

According to her profile as stated by the school, the brilliant Ghanaian lady who was only a student, dedicated her time to mentor and tutor other Law students to give them a better understanding of the programme they were studying.

Naziha Gombilla Amin

Maazu Bayuoni, a business development strategist who has worked closely with Naziha while she was still in school testified of her brilliance and hard work when he said:

We are working together at Coalition for Positive Impact, with Naziha as my Executive Assistant. Throughout this period that we have worked together, Naziha has been a very congenial teammate, always ready to learn, humble and extremely curious. Her soft demeanor of showing remorse when she is unable to come through with an assigned task can quench any flaming fire.

Notwithstanding her dedication to our work at CPI, she has always been very committed to her academic work. She never ceases to remind me that she wants to be the first student to graduate from the UPSA Law school with a first class.

Naziha aspires to become an International Law Expert, Lecturer and Fashion Guru over the next few years. We wish her all the best!

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