Maison Yusif: Creator and CEO of niche perfume brand ‘WHAT YOU WANT Co’ perfumes

Despite the many unsuccessful attempts, his desire to make a meaningful life was never vanquished rather, ended up making a business out of fragrances he loved to wear.

The owner, creator and CEO of niche perfume brand ‘WHAT YOU WANT Co’ perfumes, Maison Yusif by dent of hard work, managed to carve a niche for his perfume brand. He now runs and owns multiple businesses and as well doubles as an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist with a big heart.

‘WHAT YOU WANT’ is an eminent perfume line, which allows customers to choose from the awesome variety of perfumes. Maison Yusif’s unique perfume line has brought many at stunt and created a way for confidence as a lifestyle.

It simply spells out its name ‘WHAT YOU WANT Co”. This perfume line throws more light precisely on what you want.
It creates room for all manner of choices and allows you to be confident in your skin while wearing it.

“What You Want co” as a brand aspires to sway the fragrance tide and give customers not just fragrances that last a lifetime but also, stentorian fragrances that highlight the finishing touch of elegance that speaks to the heart, mind, and soul.

Its distinctiveness stems from the high quality of the product and the diverse range of scents it provides.

This self-made entrepreneur launched his perfume line in 2018 and has hence been acknowledged for his sublime achievements.

Inspired by the life of Mayweather and his consistency, he added that there’s never been a boxer who has been consistent like him, knowing well his family story.

“I’m inspired by the life of Mayweather because he is a perfectionist! There’s never been a boxer who has been consistent like him. We all know of his family story and for someone like that to grow up not smoking or drinking to come up top of what he does should be an inspiration for everyone in this world. He tells himself he’s the best boxer to ever walk this earth. So, if I sit here and tell you I’m the best perfumer ever, why would you doubt? When you Google the greatest perfumer, the next thing that has to follow is the best perfumer to ever live on this earth” he said.

His hard work over the period has won him 9 awards not just in Africa but around the world from 2020 to 2022 and has been running smoothly and impressively over the years.

According to him though quitting football was the hardest decision to ever make, he’s confident about his journey.

Maison Yusif with time has honed his craft as the go-to perfumer with in-depth knowledge in perfumery.

In line with his vision to be the go-to perfume brand in Africa, What You Want Co currently operates within the two biggest cities in Ghana, Accra, and Kumasi with reps in South Africa, America, London, Rwanda, and Cote D’Ivoire as well as Nigeria and Togo.

Even though his achievements were not gained on a silver platter, he has proved himself to be nothing but an exceptional entrepreneur with a vision.

His line of perfume, stems from the high quality of the product and the diverse range of scents it provides, giving pleasure, confidence, and self-love whenever it’s worn.

As large as its mission, it promises to retain the most reputable brand for high-quality alcohol-based and purest oil perfumes that make a lasting memory on the skin of its elevated clients.

Over the years, Yusif has shown great indulgence in his work and has grown beyond the ordinary perfumer to become a well-decorated young individual inspiring and breaking barriers in the world of perfumery.

To him, his perfume line is a profession he wears whenever, wherever but honesty has been his greatest selling key and until the wave of perfumery is fully stirred, his dream still remains.