Elaine C Walker named among Business Women in Education to Watch in 2022

Elaine Cunningham-Walker is passionate about the education sector – an industry she is setting out to “disrupt”. She sets out to help schools identify the areas that they need to improve to enhance the experience and outcomes of children in their school, especially the journey of the children with African heritage.

“Elaine has impacted the educational field and especially for families from Black backgrounds. Her knowledge and influence are second to none, which has made a personal impact on me too,” said one of her peers. She is not afraid to speak up and is driven to make a positive impact in education. She is described as “absolutely brilliant and a force to be reckoned with.”

Elaine started as the founder of Everythings Education and is now part of The Good Morning Africa Group and has mentored and inspired many along the way.

Elaine helps parents to channel their children’s energy into extracurricular programs, providing them with opportunities to develop their skill set and fundamentally assisting with the application process to get their children into the best schools.