Nigerian-born Joel Adams, PhD Commissioned as Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force

In a celebratory post on social networking platform LinkedIn, Dr Joel Adams shared the news of his commission to the rank of Flying Officer within the Aerosystems Engineer branch in the Queen’s Royal Air Force.

After months of training, the Nigerian-born Dr Adams is now well on his way to leaving the civilian life behind.

The last 6 months at the RAF Officers Training Academy, at Cranwell, have been some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding, experience of my life. The transition from civilian to service life tested my courage in every way possible, and stretched my will power beyond my imagination.

Dr Joel Adams wrote in his post.

Dr Adams holds a doctorate in Industrial systems and manufacturing engineering from the University of Cambridge, where he worked as a postgraduate researcher prior to obtaining his doctorate. He also holds an MSc and DIC in Control Systems from the Imperial College of London and a BEng in Electrical and Electronic engineering.

Dr Joel Adams, Flying Officer, Aerosystems Engineer branch, the Queen’s Royal Air Force.

Prior to his current position, he worked with American luxury car brand Ford as a project engineer until March 2020, when he started working as an aero-systems engineer in the British Airforce, a position which opened up the path to his current commission to the rank of Flying Officer.

On the post which has since gone viral, over a thousand users on the platform LinkedIn have congratulated him on his achievements, with some of his current and previous colleagues saying the most positive things about him and his work ethics.

Being entrusted with the responsibility to defend the skies of Britain, its interest, and allies is a huge demand. The journey ahead will, by all means, present formidable challenges — but I look forward to it!

Dr Adams said in the post.

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