Man who partook in Dr Martin Luther King’s March for civil rights in 1963 earns bachelor’s degree at age 77

A 77-year-old man,Timothy Brown earned a bachelor’s degree in drama from South Caroline State University.

This comes decades after Timothy Brown served in the Vietnam war in 1960s, fighting against the real threat of violence and combat on the front lines, WLTX TV reports.

I faced danger everyday all the ten months I was over there. In a combat zone, anything could happen at any moment,” he recalled to reporters.

Timothy was committed to doing something tangible with his life . He worked as a cook and Greyhound bus driver, conveying celebrities like BB king and also taking part in Dr. Martin Luther King’s March for civil rights in Washington.

Brown hit a new accomplishment by bagging his bachelor’s degree in drama at age 77. On the 6th of May, he was handed the diploma and that made him reflect the whole journey he had been through and how he still managed to achieve his goals despite the hurdles.

I was up quite a few nights with Shakespeare… the tutoring, it helped me out quite a bit… I was in class with grand-babies. The most rewarding part was being able to go back and get my degree and be paid to do that,” Timothy Brown said.

Currently, Brown is writing a play that pays homage to his 3000 mile bus ride from Los Angeles to Washington DC, hoping to use the funds he acquires from the ticket sales to send underserved youth to college . Brown’s goal is to bring the play in market next February and Brown is looking for producers to sponsor and bring it to life .

He also hopes is for people to see his story as an inspiration to achieve their dreams despite any circumstances as there isn’t any age limit on dreaming

South Carolina State University, where Brown got his degree, was founded in 1896 as the state’s sole public college for black youth, The university has played a key role in the education of African-Americans in the state and nation.

As a land-grant institution, it struggled to provide agricultural and mechanical training to generations of black youngsters. Through its extension program, it sent farm and home demonstration agents into rural counties to provide knowledge and information to impoverished black farm families.

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