Mcberry®󠆿 Celebrates World Food Safety Day

  In a significant step towards promoting global health standards, Twellium Ghana’s Mcberry®󠆿 Brand launched the World Food Safety Day. This initiative aligns with the World Health Organization’s Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, emphasizing Mcberry’s adherence to international food safety standards. 

The event, held in the Mcberry®󠆿 Conference Room, featured an extensive display of the brand’s diverse product range, including cookies, cakes, biscuits, and wafers, emphasizing the company’s zeal to maintaining quality and safety in its offerings. This event marked a significant milestone in the brand’s efforts to ensure food safety and quality, reflecting the global importance of this international observance. 

The event was attended by representatives from all departments within Mcberry®󠆿, highlighting the collective effort to maintain high food safety standards. 

Key attendees included Mr. Alhad Patki, Head of Business; Mr. Tanveer Ahmad, Operations Manager; Dr. Harjinder Modi, Head of Quality Health and Safety; Mr. Mohammed Zibara, Biscuit Production Manager; Ms. Kafui Awusi Dogbe, Human Resource Manager (Mcberry®󠆿); and Mr. Sajjan Singh, Cake Operations Manager. 

The event featured a series of engaging activities, beginning with an insightful presentation by Joseph Quaye (Food Safety Team Leader), on the significance of World Food Safety Day. This was followed by a motivational address from Mr. Alhad Patki, who emphasized the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement. “Agree to disagree within your various teams until you get the best results that resonate with the company’s core values,” he advised, urging everyone to be proactive in food safety measures. 

Dr. Harjinder Modi, Head of Quality Health and Safety, also addressed the attendees, reinforcing the value of practical knowledge and industry connections. “The person who works in the field has more knowledge,” he stated, encouraging all to remain teachable and continuously engage with industry experts. 

The day’s activities included an inter-departmental quiz that tested the teams’ knowledge on food safety, followed by the presentation of awards to recognize outstanding contributions. The event climaxed with an oath-taking ceremony and a symbolic cake-cutting, commemorating the second of many World Food Safety Day celebrations for Mcberry®󠆿

This event also served as a platform to reinforce the importance of maintaining rigorous standards across all operations and to emphasize food safety’s critical role in public health. 

As Mcberry®󠆿 continues to grow, its food safety measures will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of its success, setting a benchmark for the industry in Ghana and beyond. 

About Mcberry®󠆿: 

Mcberry®󠆿 is a leading baking brand under Twellium Industrial Company Limited, known for its high-quality cookies, cakes, biscuits, and wafers. With a strong zeal for innovation and advocating for the consumption of ‘Made-in-Ghana’ products, Mcberry®󠆿 continues to be a trusted name in households across Ghana and Africa.